martedì 12 luglio 2016

Trend SS2016: Backpack

Hi guys!
today I want to share with you one of my favorite trend, like an obsession for me, for this SS2016.
what I'm talking about?
Backpack, of course.
practise, comfortable and absolutely perfect for Cities, like London, Milan, Paris etc.
Obviously, I couldn't miss this trend and the backpack, that you see in pictures, is a birthday gift from my boyfriend... (I'm so grateful that I have a boyfriend that knows so well my style!!)
also, the backpack is amazing with different outfit, in particular I really love it in a casual-chic look, like this, with bell-bottom jeans, platform sandal and fringe gilet.
I share with you some pictures of my outfit, and some propose of backpack, from cheaper to more expensive brand.
now, you can choose your favorite!

Stella McCartney

what do you prefer?
Have a nice day!!!

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