lunedì 15 agosto 2016

Huge Zara dress for warm day in the city

Hello everyone.
I know that today in Italy is holiday and I hope you'll have a great time.
every time I write the same thing, but one more time I'm so sorry for my inconstancy to write on my blog but in London the life is so frenetic, busy and quickly and some time it's very difficult to follow everything that I would like to.
anyway, today I share one comfy outfit, in which I wear a very huge Zara black dress.
black and white is always perfect, for any occasions and I love so much wear these colors.
Gucci Bamboo to complete the outfit with a touch of glam and sandals KJ St. Tropez for comfortable walking around center of the city.
I suggest that kind of outfit for every warm day if you don't want wear shorts.
Huge dress is the best substitute of it, isn't it?
Hope you'll like it.

Have a great time..and enjoy your Ferragosto in the best way that you can do!!;-)

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